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Job Title:Store Director - 192 - Fairfax, VA
Job ID:320105
Location:Fairfax, Virginia
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Requirements - Corp/Field Mgmt
Job Title: Store Leader
Location:Fairfax, VA
Do you like running an entire business? Do you like having all the responsibilities lie on your shoulders? Do you like leading an entire team of people and getting them all to work in the right direction? Well...being a Store Leader at jcp might be the position for you!
The Store Leader's role is to steer and motivate an entire jcp team in operating a store that represents the company and merchandise brand that will make our customers excited and wanting to come back for more!
o Responsible for leading your team - You've led people before and know how important it is to a) provide your team frequent coaching / feedback, b) focus on differentiating performance across team members, c) empower your team to take control and make good decisions, d) set expectations with your team on what needs to be done and what successful performance looks like, e) find ways to motivate your team to do the best work of their lives, and f) sincerely recognize each and every team member for their individual contribution to the store's success.
o Responsible for motivating and inspiring the team - You are in a big position and no one sets the tone better than you. You approach every day looking for opportunities to support your team and get them excited about the opportunities that are right in front of them to make a difference.
o Responsible for analyzing business performance - You know the numbers. You know what they mean and what affects them on a daily basis. You review reports and any other information you can get your hands to better understand how and why your business performs the way it does - and then take action to make a difference.
o Responsible for communicating key information - You are connected to the information that is surrounding the company and your team looks to you to educate and inform them on what's happening. You know how to share information in a way that's informative and inspiring all at the same time to ensure the team is still moving in the right direction.
o Accountable for the brand vision of the store - Your store is a reflection of you as a leader. Your store is a reflection of what the company stands for and what our brands / shops are communicating to our customer. You take pride in your responsibilities and do everything in your power to make the team and company proud of what you have accomplished.
Skill and Characteristics:
o Sets Direction - You know where the group needs to go, where they're currently going, and how they're going to get where they need to go!
o Business Analytics - You like numbers and metrics and enjoy sharing your insight with others on how you and your team can affect them every day!
o People Skills - You are outgoing and have no problem striking up a conversation with complete strangers. You like working in a team environment where you help your peers and they help you!
o Decisive - You are exact and can make good decisions quickly even when you may not have all the information available.
o Decision Making - You evaluate situations effectively and exercise good judgment when making decisions.
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